Wishing on a STAR | Street Tails Animal Rescue

Wishing on a STAR | Street Tails Animal Rescue

With the help of volunteers, private donations, and endless love for the dogs that deserve more, Street Tails Animal Rescue is able to turn the lives of the abandoned around. Learn about Street Tails Animal Rescue, how they operate, and what you can do to support them.

“Helping the homeless, unwanted and abandoned dogs in the Philadelphia area. Our goal is to pull local animals out of shelters and find them loving, forever homes” - Street Tails Animal Rescue’s Mission

Abandoned, scared, and in desperate need of love.

This is the sad reality of the majority of dogs living in shelters. And with animal shelters almost always at full capacity, they need to make room for the next dogs in line and could do so through means like euthanasia of "unsaveable" dogs. It’s heartbreaking to imagine them sitting in those shelters waiting and wishing for the family of their dreams, only to be deemed unsaveable.

Street Tails Animal Rescue answers those pups’ wishes and brings them miles closer to their dreams.

How it started

Street Tails started in 2001 by the owner of The Chic Petique, Lindsay Condefer. It was a one woman effort, saving one dog at a time, right out of her pet boutique. Condefer started out by pulling a dog out from the shelter and adopting them out which is exactly how Street Tails operates to this day.

Lindsay Condefer dog and two children
Photo courtesy of Pass it On

Street Tails Animal Rescue is a rescue organization that acquires their adoptable dogs through local animal shelters focusing on those with special needs. After ensuring they receive the proper medical attention they always deserved, the dogs are prepared to be fostered or adopted into their forever home.

The first animals to be time stamped for euthanasia are almost always dogs with special needs and need extra medical attention, making Street Tails’ work even more impactful to the dogs of Philadelphia.

Interested in Adopting?

Street Tails insists on providing a companion that will last a lifetime with finding each dog’s forever home the first priority. Their adoption process is extensive and thorough to ensure you will bring home the perfect match. All adoptable dogs are up to date with vaccines, spayed/ neutered, tested for heartworms, and microchipped (unless recommended otherwise by their veterinarian).

Chihuahua for adoption

Photo courtesy of Street Tails Animal Rescue

The process begins with pre approval which is granted after filling out the application form. Being a STAR approved adoption candidate lasts for up to two years, so there is time for you to work with Street Tails to find the dog just for you. Street Tails adoption process also involves a two-week trial period where you bring the dog home to get a feel for what life will be like with a new family member. If for any reason you find the dog is not the right fit, the adoption fee will be refunded and Street Tails will continue on with the search for the one.

Street Tails’ adoption process is a testament to the care and love for the dogs in their care and their commitment to finding a forever home for each and every one of them.

Become a Foster

An alternative to adopting, which not all people can commit to, is fostering. But what does being a foster for Street Tails mean? Street Tails pulls dogs from shelters to prepare for adoption, with a focus on dogs with special needs. Fostering for Street Tails means more animals can have a chance at the life they always deserved. These dogs would otherwise be abandoned for their medical costs and extra needed attention.

Foster dog

Photo courtesy of Street Tails Animal Rescue

Street Tails believes all dogs deserve a chance, taking in all the animals they can but they rely on fosters to help free up space in their facilities. Fostered dogs can get used to living in a home which prepares them for a life in their forever home.

If you are interested in becoming a foster for Street Tails Animal Rescue, fill out their foster application and learn more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Can’t adopt or foster but still want to help pups in need? Street Tails volunteers are always needed and appreciated.

Street Tails Animal Rescue volunteer stand

Photo courtesy of Street Tails Animal Rescue

Volunteers at Street Tails are tasked with any job that can assist the organization. These tasks can range from taking the dogs on walks, to helping with administrative work. The expected time commitment for Street Tails volunteers is to sign up for at least two shifts or to attend one event.

Street Tails consider volunteers to be the backbone of their organization so consider signing up to lend a helping hand today! 


Street Tails believes all animals deserve a chance at a better life no matter the cost. However, the animals at Street Tails often require more medical attention than usual and funding those operations proves to be quite costly. Street Tails Animal Rescue’s efforts are entirely funded by private donations and those donations as well as their volunteers help to keep the rescue afloat.

You can donate time as a volunteer, money to fund the medical costs, but Street Tails also regularly requests food donations (wet and dry) and flea, tick, and heartworm medications, among other supplies, for the dogs living in the rescue.

Donations Needed social media post

Photo courtesy of Street Tails Animal Rescue

Char and Whiskers collaborated with Street Tail Animal Rescue to be the organization of the month for our ongoing pet drive. We are collecting wet and dry food, and other pet supplies to donate to the pups living at Street Tails to make their time in the rescue more comfortable before heading off to their forever home.

The pet drive started as an effort to support Philadelphia’s local animal rescue heroes and we are proud to have already donated hundreds of pounds of food and more supplies to local shelters thanks to the support of Philly’s animal loving community.

If you have any extra cans of pet food or unwanted toys, consider stopping by our donation bin located in the Bok Building at the Dudley St. entrance.

Street Tails Animal Rescue’s efforts change lives, pulling the most vulnerable dogs from shelters and giving them the medical care they need and deserve. Doing so relieves local shelters of their full capacity, while preparing dogs for adoption into the perfect forever family.

Thanks to loving volunteers and thoughtful donations from Philadelphia’s animal loving community, Street Tails Animal Rescue can continue to answer the wishes of abandoned dogs and of humans looking for a companion of a lifetime. 

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