Barking Up the Right Office: Atlanta's Top Dog-Friendly Workplaces

Barking Up the Right Office: Atlanta's Top Dog-Friendly Workplaces

Hip-hop music, beautiful street art, the Gone with the Wind novel and museum, and the birthplace of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Georgia is an exciting city to explore. And if you're considering living here, you'll find plenty of dog-friendly workplaces you'd want to be in. Here is our list:

1. Samsara


A cloud-based fleet management solution, Samsara provides GPS tracking, dashboard cameras, trailer tracking, routing and dispatch, and many more services. Aside from focusing on the continued innovation of its services, the company also focuses on its employees' well-being. This is why it is an excellent place to work, with pet-friendly offices, competitive pay, and many other perks and benefits.

2. Wipfli


With over 90 years of experience helping businesses of various sizes, Wipfli is a certified dog-friendly company. It knows how to take care of its employees, who, in turn, contribute to making the company a leader in providing consulting, accounting, digital, auditing, and many other services.

3. VidMob


Operating as a one-stop platform specializing in Intelligent Creative, VidMob uses AI and data to help brands improve the performance of their video ads. Employees receive perks and benefits worth moving to Atlanta for. This includes unlimited PTOs, parental leaves, health plans, and, of course, a pet-friendly work environment.

4. Revenue Analytics

revenue analytics

An enterprise SaaS firm, Revenue Analytics works with the hospitality, media, and passenger rail industries to help them solve pricing challenges. Its software uses powerful analytics to deliver intuitive solutions to help with pricing, missed revenues, and lost time. The company allows employees to bring their pets to work, among other perks and benefits.

5. Infosys


A world leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, Infosys helps clients with application development and maintenance, business process management, and many others. Its over 250,000 employees in 15 office locations around the country enjoy a pet-friendly workplace, health and wellness benefits, and many other perks.



Applying art and science in its design and communications services, AKQA takes care of its 2,200 team members from 29 locations on five continents. This multi-awarded company won two Cannes Lions Grand Prix in 2019. It was also named one of the world's leading experience design and innovation agencies by Gartner and Forrester. But, the best accolade it can be proud of is its dog-friendly workplace.

7. Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation

For three consecutive years, Live Nation Entertainment has been recognized by Great Place to Work® for many reasons. We suspect it's mainly because of its pet-friendly work environment. It is also named one of People Magazine's Top 50 Companies that Care. Again, it may be because of the many perks and benefits and it being a dog-friendly workplace.

8. RocketLevel

Rocket Level

A one-stop-shop for the digital marketing needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), RocketLevel has its focus on the auto, dental, medical, and legal industries. It has around 29 employees who all enjoy financial and retirement benefits, performance bonuses, and a pet-friendly work environment.

9. Ideas United

Ideas United

Focuses on creating content with a purpose, Ideas United is a creative studio that specializes in content creation, campaign development and execution, and in-person and virtual event production. This company loves their doggos, so they let employees bring them to work. It has 3,500 storytellers in its iU community who connect with the company's more than 50 in-house creatives to work on its unique business model.

10. Hermeus


A startup that develops hypersonic aircraft, Hermeus aims to radically accelerate air travel with its products and services. It is partnering with government agencies such as the US Air Force and NASA in developing autonomous aircraft to derisk the technology and solve national security challenges. To keep its employees on their feet with these humongous tasks, it provides a pet-friendly work environment.

11. PMG


Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, PMG has offices in Atlanta and other cities. It is an independent digital company that provides strategy, creative, media, and insights services to businesses of all sizes. It has worked with Apple, Old Navy, Nike, Sephora, and Kohler, to name a few. Employees engage in a hybrid workplace and can bring pets to the office, among many other benefits and perks.

12. TruRating

Tru rating

Offering multichannel feedback solutions at checkout, TruRating helps businesses track how customers feel against how much they spend. This provides a good understanding of the consumer experience at unprecedented levels. One of its office perks is a pet-friendly workplace, along with health insurance, wellness, and professional development benefits.

13. At-Bay

at bay

Specializing in cyber insurance for the digital age, At-Bay blends world-class technology with industry-leading insurance and security expertise. This helps its clients understand, manage, and prevent cyber risks. For its employees, this company offers various types of leave and insurance, including insurance for their furbabies. 

14. Huge


Marketing tech company Huge is a global group of designers, technologists, and strategists. It aims to help businesses become trusted parts of their clients' lives by creating products, services, and brands that consumers love. A few of its clients include McDonald's, Google, and Pantone. Alongside the perk of having a pet-friendly workplace, it also gives employees a variety of health, wellness, financial, and retirement benefits.

15. Xplor Technologies


Another global digital platform, Xplor Technologies, integrates SaaS, payments, and Commerce Accelerating Technologies to help its clients succeed in business. The company serves over 78,000 businesses worldwide. As for us fur parents, the most important asset a company can have is to allow its employees to bring pets into the office, and that's what Xplor Technologies does.

16. RELEX Solutions


A leading provider of retail optimization software, RELEX Solutions helps its clients adapt to the future faster. It offers its software, Living Retail Platform, to help retailers and consumer goods companies optimize their supply chains and help with inventory planning, demand forecasting, and many other features. Its almost a thousand employees enjoy various benefits such as performance bonuses, health, dental, life insurance, etc. A few office perks they enjoy are company-sponsored outings, free snacks and drinks, and, of course, a pet-friendly work environment.

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