Canine Co-Working: Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Salt Lake City

Canine Co-Working: Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Salt Lake City

The Greatest Snow on Earth, the Mormon Church, and, of course, the Great Salt Lake are but a few of the things that make Salt Lake City in Utah famous. But what's even more noteworthy about this city is that it was named one of the best places to "start fresh." If you do want to find your fresh start, here is a list of the ten best dog-friendly workplaces in Salt Lake City.

1. Addepar


A global technology and data company, Addepar helps investment professionals with the best guidance for their clients. This dog-friendly company has served hundreds of thousands of clients in more than 40 countries. Its platform integrates with over 100 software, data, and service partners to provide solutions for a multitude of businesses. 

Addepar takes pride in a company culture that values professional growth, inclusivity, and ongoing learning. It has been named one of Built In NYC's "100 Best Midsize Companies to Work For."

2. Navan 


Founded in 2015 with headquarters in Palo Alto, California, Navan has six other offices, one of which is in Salt Lake City. It is an online travel, corporate card, and expense management company. It does all the hard work so travelers can enjoy being where they are. Its platform lets you book flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals for business and personal travels.

Its more than 3,000 employees enjoy a variety of benefits and office perks, including the option to bring their pets to work. They are given life, dental, health, and pet insurance, among others.

3. nCino, Inc.


A cloud-based bank operating solution for the financial services industry, nCino, Inc. helps financial institutions with scalable technology to grow, save on costs, be more efficient, and comply with regulations. It has helped over 1,200 companies worldwide with assets that range from $30 million to more than 42 trillion.

This pet-friendly firm offers its employees various benefits, including medical leaves, employee stock purchase plans, and health, vision, dental, and life insurance. Its staff also enjoy professional development benefits, unlimited vacations, paid holidays, and company-sponsored outings, to name just a few.

4. Angle Health


A full-stacked health insurance provider, Angle Health offers comprehensive healthcare to technology companies and startups. It has a digital platform that provides personalized experiences to its members. With another office in San Francisco, California, this dog-friendly company gives its members access to a network of healthcare providers nationwide.

It offers many benefits, including dental, health, and vision insurance, company equity, 401Ks, and generous parental leaves. Employees work in a hybrid setup, with flexible schedules and office perks such as an onsite gym, free daily meals, snacks, drinks, and company-sponsored happy hours.

5. Thrasio 


Prioritizing its employees' well-being, Thrasio is an exciting company to work for in Salt Lake City. Aside from welcoming pets into the workplace, it provides a wide array of perks and benefits. It is a consumer goods firm that acquires quality brands selling popular products. In short, it finds best-selling companies and grows them.

Thrasio is a company that promotes diversity, offers many professional development benefits, and gives its employees several types of insurance. Aside from being able to bring pets to work, you'll enjoy onsite office parking, free snacks and drinks, and a home-office stipend for remote workers.

6. Epic Games 

epic games

A top interactive entertainment company and provider of 3D engine technology, Epic Games is famous for Fortnite, Battle Breakers, Fall Guys, Infinity Blade, Shadow Complex, Robo Recall, and so much more. It is also the developer of Unreal Engine, the technology used in some of the world's top games and adopted across many industries, including film and television.

All these make working for this firm an exciting experience and add to that the chance to bring your pets to work. Employees also enjoy health, life, vision, dental insurance, performance bonuses, and 401Ks.

7. Traeger Pellet Grills 


A wood pellet grill maker, Traeger Pellet Grills has been in the outdoor cooking business for more than three decades. Thus, the Trager brand is among the industry's most popular wood pellet grills and smokers. The company has now progressed to providing not just grills but also accessories, rubs, and sauces.

Around 500 employees at Traeger enjoy a wide range of perks and benefits. This includes having a pet-friendly workplace, child care, parental leaves, performance bonuses, and several types of insurance, among many others.

8. Merkle 


A top customer experience management (CXM) firm, Merkle has partnered with more than a thousand companies and non-profit organizations over its 30 years of existence. Its client roster includes big-name brands T-Mobile, Dell, Samsung, Kimberly-Clark, GEICO, and NBC Universal, to name a few. This dog-friendly company employs over 9,000 people in its 50 offices worldwide.

Merkle employees receive a variety of perks and benefits, which include health, dental, life, disability, and vision insurance. They can avail of the company's employee stock purchase plan, be eligible for performance bonuses, and a ton of office perks.

9. Mavenlink


Project management software Mavenlink helps businesses create detailed project plans and track productivity and stringent accounting. The Mavenlink Industry Cloud for Professional Services™ helps optimize resources and improve a thriving business' operational performance. It has its headquarters in Irvine, California, but has offices in three other locations, including Salt Lake City.

Mavenlink cares for its employees by providing them with many perks and benefits, including insurance, leaves, bonuses, company-sponsored outings, fitness stipends, and complimentary snacks and drinks at the office.

10. Paddle 


A recurring revenue growth platform, Paddle is a SaaS company that offers subscription analytics, retention, and pricing solutions for B2B and B2C companies. Formerly known as ProfitWell, it offers various billing, pricing, analytics, and many more solutions. It has processed over 43 million transactions, collected and remitted over $111 million in taxes, and serves over 4,000 clients.

Paddle takes care of its employees by giving them medical and parental leaves, performance bonuses, company equity, 401Ks, commuter benefits, company-sponsored outings and happy hours, alongside a pet-friendly workplace.

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