The Ultimate List of DIY Cat Costumes for Halloween

The Ultimate List of DIY Cat Costumes for Halloween

Cats, specifically black ones, have been symbols of Halloween for centuries. We often see their likeness used as decorations for this scary season. But to us lovers of these cute critters, Halloween is a time to dress them up. Sure, you can buy costumes online, but why spoil the fun? 

Here are some of the best DIY cat costumes for Halloween you'll enjoy doing with your kitties:

1. Flower Cat

cat flower costume

Let's get the scary stigma off your pets with this adorable flower cat DIY costume. If you love working with your sewing machine, this is the costume you need. You'll need grosgrain ribbon, wool felt, Velcro, and your usual sewing supplies. Martha Stewart shows us how in this tutorial.

2. French Chef

cat chef costume

A simple but easy-to-make cat costume is this French chef hat, perfect for your kibble-loving furbaby. This guide by HGTV will show you how to make a white toque that you attach to a red neckerchief to complete the look. Prepare white tissue paper, white card stock, red cotton fabric, matching threads, clear tape, and other materials.

3. Cat Armor

cat armor costume

Bring out the warrior in your kitty with this cat armor DIY costume. Put that 3D printer to work and let your cat be the badass Halloween character that it really is. Get the printable files and instructions from Autodesk Instructables on this link.

4. Lion Cat

lion cat costume

Turn your kitty into the King of the Jungle with this lion costume. If you're into knitting, this is a cute costume option. It's perfect for a cat with a temper as it is easy to put on. Get the instructions and templates from Ravelry

5. Pizza Cat

pizza cat costume

Don't we just love laughing at our pets when they're looking extremely cute? This pizza cat costume will surely bring a smile to anyone's face. Cut yellow, brown, and red felt to fit your cat's head comfortably. Glue it to a soft cardboard and try your very best to have your kitty wear it. If this fails, you can always buy a pre-made one here.

6. Witch Cat

witch cat costume

Witches and cats go hand in hand in Halloween. Test your crocheting skills by creating this witch hat for your cat. You'll find the instructions and materials you need in this guide from Shooting Star Crafts. No crocheting skills? You can still create a witch hat for your cat by following this tutorial from Only Oreo Cat on their YouTube channel. 

7. Princess Leia Cat

princess leia cat costume

If you're a fan of Star Wars, you can turn your kitty into Princess Leia and let her rule the universe on Halloween. You don't need expert-level sewing skills to do these hair buns. All you need is an old T-shirt and this video tutorial from 2 Cats & 1 Doll

8. Cat Elf

cat elf costume

Hit two birds with one stone with this cat elf DIY cat costume that you can use for two holidays. Since cats have minds of their own, they can get away with wearing something for Christmas on Halloween. Follow the instructions on this video tutorial from rachelbeth on YouTube.

9. Shark Fin Cat

shark cat costume

Another DIY cat costume that's easy to make is this shart fin that's perfect for both Halloween and Shark Week! You'll need gray felt, fabric glue, cardboard, elastic, and sewing materials. To get the instructions, click on this tutorial by Autodesk Instructables.

10. Cat Bus

cat bus costume

Drawing inspiration from the anime film My Neighbor Totoro, this cat bus DIY costume is a fun project for any sewing and cat enthusiast. This article from Sweet Ipomoea has photos to help guide you in creating this adorable kitty Halloween outfit. Get your felt and threads ready!

11. Bat Cat

bat cat costume

If you want a classic costume for your furry pal this Halloween, these bat cat wings are an excellent option. Get some black felt, clear tape, a craft knife, black pipe cleaners, hook-and-loop tape, and other sewing materials. You can find the instructions and templates in this article from HGTV

12. Avocato

avocado cat costume

If your cat doesn't like dressing up for Halloween, you can still try to make them something. This avocato costume is simple and needs no special skills to make. If your cat hates it, you won't waste too much of your time and resources in making it. Cut a piece of cardboard into an avocado shape, paint it green and yellow, and fit it into your catto's head. Thanks to Recrafted_Jess for this cute and crazy idea.

13. Clown Cat

clown cat costume

Get your kitty in something fun and colorful this Halloween. Clowns can either be symbols of laughter, but they can also be harbingers of fright. This clown cat costume from Martha Stewart can be an excellent costume that you can use for holidays aside from Halloween. Follow the instructions here.

14. Cat Bee

cat bee costume

With black and yellow felt, pipe cleaners, Velcro, and other crafting tools and materials, your cat can become a buzzing bee for Halloween. Its colorful and fancy tutu can also double as a ballerina. You can find the full instructions from Costume Works.

15. Ladybug Cat

ladybug cat costume

Another easy-to-make DIY cat costume is this one from HubPages. You'll be needing a red cat shirt, some red fabric and thread, and a black fabric paint or permanent marker. Follow the instructions here.

16. Aerobics Kitty

aerobics cat costume

Go back in time with your kitty this Halloween by making this aerobics leg warmer costume. This is simple to make and won't bother your cat as much as you only put them on their front legs. Just look for the most colorful socks you can find and tweak them to fit your cat. Follow this tutorial from Obsessively Stitching to make them. 

17. Sims Cat

sims cat costume

Inspired by the popular social media game Sims, this DIY cat costume is perfect if you want something easy to make and easily recognizable. You'll need white and green construction paper, a hat or headband, wire, a cat collar, a black permanent marker, and other essential tools. Get the instructions here.

Wrapping Up

Halloween is a fun holiday that your cats shouldn't miss. Get them in on the fun to make it more enjoyable for the whole family.

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