DIY Dog Costumes that are Spooktacular

DIY Dog Costumes that are Spooktacular

Halloween is one of the most-awaited holidays of the year, and everyone knows why. So, this year, don't let your doggos be left behind. Find them a costume that will be perfect when you go trick-or-treating with them. Here is our ultimate collection of DIY dog costumes for Halloween:

1. Cupcake Dog

dog cupcake costume

    Turn your dog into a pupcake with this cute cupcake dog Halloween costume. You'll need a paper mache box, felt paper, natural color scrapbook paper, some polyfill, and a few tools. You can find the tutorial here at Lovely Indeed

    2. Bat Dog

    bat dog costume

      Scare everyone you meet with this simple DIY dog costume from Sea Lemon. Create this classic with your dog's harness, craft foam, glue gun, and other tools. 

      3. Bloody Bandana

      bloody dog costume

        If your dog loves to play dead, this is the perfect costume for them! Create this bandana with a dagger that looks like it went through your dog's throat. You'll need a triangular piece of cloth and lightweight cardboard to make a fake knife. Check out the tutorial at Sew Doggy Style

        4. Sunflower

        sunflower dog costume

          Halloween doesn't have to be all dark and scary, it can also be bright and sunny. This sunflower DIY dog costume is sure to be a hit. You'll need felt paper, elastic, a child's headband, and tools. To make this cute costume, follow this tutorial from Kunin Felt.

          5. Dinosaur Dog Hoodie

          dinosaur dog costume

            To keep your dog warm while walking the streets at Halloween, create this dinosaur hoodie. This is ideal for short-haired puppers raring for some treats this holiday. Get started with this tutorial from Two Pitties in the City.

            6. Lego Brick

            lego dog costume

              If you have more than one dog, this Lego Brick DIY costume is an excellent option. You can use shoeboxes and paint them multiple colors to create a set of bricks. You can find the instructions in this blog from The Gingerbread House.

              7. Angel and Devil Headbands

              angel and devil dog costumes

                For multiple pets with varying temperaments, these angel and devil headbands will surely get your pets the treats! Prepare elastic headbands, red felt, gold garland, and a few other materials and tools, and voila! You have DIY costumes for your naughty and nice pets. Vicky Bermudez shows you how.

                8. Mummy Dog

                mummy dog costume

                  Another classic is this mummy dog costume that's quick and easy to make. Before you wrap some medical gauze on your dog, soak it in brown tea water to get that ancient look. Let it dry, then wrap it around your pup. You can also sew it on your dog's pajamas to get the same effect. This idea is from Costume Works with Noodle the Mummy.

                  9. Beanie Baby

                  beanie baby dog costume

                    Turn your babies into Beanies with this simple, easy-to-make Beanie Baby dog costume. All you need is a light cardboard that you will cut into a heart shape. Paint it red or stick felt paper onto it for a more textured feel. You can also paint the letters T and Y or cut a white felt paper and stick them on the heart. Thank you to hausbyjordie for the idea.

                    10. Painted Puppers

                    painted dog costume

                      Paint your pupper into something unique this Halloween. There are plenty of pet-safe paint you can purchase here. This lets you create a DIY dog costume that offers unlimited pawsibilities. You can paint your dog into a giraffe, a tiger, a skeleton, and many more. Get inspiration from Romp Rescue

                      11. Grapes

                      grapes dog costume

                        If you're pressed for time, this easy-to-make DIY dog costume quickly transforms your pet doggo into a bunch of grapes. You'll only need purple balloons and green felt paper, which you can cut into leaf shapes. You can attach the balloons to a shirt or harness and add the leaves around your dog's face. You can get more ideas from Costume Yeti

                        12. Starbucks Dog

                        starbucks dog

                          Let your love for coffee show through a DIY dog costume for your pup. You can print the Starbucks logo or any brand of coffee and use it on a piece of cardboard cut into a cup. Whiskers Gone Wild will show you how to do it. 

                          13. Court Jester Dog

                          jester dog costume

                            Sewing enthusiasts will love this court jester dog costume. Create this colorful outfit for your pup using eight different colors of felt, tiny bells, velcro, fiberfill, and red thread. You'll be needing templates, which you can find in this HGTV article.

                            14. Harry Potter

                            Harry Potter dog costume

                              Bring out the Harry Potter fan in you with this Hogwarts costume for your dog. You can use old scarves and eyeglasses to create this cute costume. Thank you to @good_mood_and_pictures on Instagram for the idea. 

                              15. Spider-Dog

                              spider dog costume

                                If you're looking for a horrifying DIY dog costume, turn your furry pal into a ferocious (and uber-cute) spider. You'll need your sewing kit for this, black felt, orange felt, fill, a black dog shirt, and these templates from Martha Stewart.

                                16. Unicorn Dog

                                unicorn dog costume

                                  Unicorns are a favorite for many holidays, not just during Halloween. Create one for your pup and turn them into this colorful ball of cuteness. You'll need white felt, shiny gold fabric, and plenty of different colored yarn. Follow these simple steps from Craft Box Girls to create this masterpiece.

                                  17. Doggie Paint Palette

                                  paint palette dog costume

                                    Turn your doggo into an art maestro with this paint palette dog costume. Create a palette by cutting a piece of styrofoam or cardboard with a round hole in the middle to fit your dog's head. Add dabs of paint around it, or do as pawsitively_poppy did. 

                                    18. Dog Martini

                                    martini dog costume

                                      If your puppy has to wear a cone this Halloween, they can still get in on the fun with this martini costume. Find a clear cone and top it with a light wooden stick with green floral foam balls as the olives. You can find sometimescarl on Instagram for this cute idea.

                                      Wrapping Up

                                      Have fun crafting your furry friends these DIY dog costumes that are sure to stand out this Halloween. Let your inner artist shine through and spend memorable moments with your pets this fun holiday.

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