Exploring Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Austin

Exploring Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Austin

If you're looking for work or thinking of relocating to Austin, Texas, there are a myriad of reasons to look forward to. The lively music festivals, the diverse food culture, and its thriving tech scene are just the beginning. It is also a haven for  pet parents, having a multitude of dog-friendly workplaces you can look into. Here are a few:

1. Billd 


Providing financial solutions to commercial building subcontractors, Billd understands delays in payment are inevitable facts of business. This is why they help their clients operate and grow their businesses by offering working capital and other assistance. 

Billd has offices located a few minutes from downtown Austin. It has a hybrid work setup where its employees must be on-site four days a week. The best part is that they can bring their doggos with them.

2. Route


Helping its customers track all their purchases from any seller, Route is a dog-friendly workplace. This company loves to celebrate its employees, and they do this by engaging them in events, cross-office games, or days out in a Crypto.com arena suite. And don't forget the freedom to bring their dogs to work.

Route takes pride in its over 5 million users and more than 11,000 merchants and has tracked over 175 million packages.

3. Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine

A mobile advertising technology company, Digital Turbine provides media and mobile communication solutions. The company's software is pre-loaded onto smartphones to help users find content and mobile apps. It has been awarded one of the best places to work in Austin.

Its more than 800 employees enjoy many benefits and office perks, including bonuses, commissions, unlimited vacations, leaves, and a pet-friendly workplace.

4. Work & Woof

Work and Woof

A dog-friendly co-working space, Work & Woof understands the hardship of having to leave your dog at home while you go to work. They also know that while bringing Fido to the office has its benefits, it also has some downsides. It can be distracting to have your pup bork at you while making that report. Because of this, the company offers doggy daycare to all its members, whether daily or monthly users.

Work & Woof has plenty of amenities that make working there enjoyable. It has Google Fiber, private phone booths, a kitchen, free drinks, open seating, and many more.

5. Overhaul 


A supply chain integrity solutions company, Overhaul helps businesses ship their products smoothly by collecting data from varying sources and putting them in one place. They then turn this information into valuable insights that help fix issues during shipment, such as temperature control or package tracking.

Overhaul values its employees by providing them with insurance, from health and vision to life and dental. Plus, they did not forget their employee's pets by giving them pet insurance.

6. Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex

Helping job seekers find work that fits their lifestyle, Indeed Flex is undeniably a dog-loving company. It has a revolutionary app for temporary work using evolving technology and partnerships with thousands of employers. 

Indeed Flex's Domain Gateway office has a hybrid work setup where employees come at least twice per week and the rest spent working from home. When they do come into the office, they enjoy a pet-friendly environment, free meals, and on-site office parking, among many others.

7. inKind


A dog-friendly company that provides funding to restaurants and hospitality groups, inKind is located right in the heart of downtown Austin. Its app connects diners with restaurants, cafés, and bars to provide great experiences and help build communities.

inKind offers many perks and benefits to its employees. A few of these include a pet-friendly workplace, free snacks and drinks, mental and health benefits, insurance, and performance bonuses, among others.

8. LogicMonitor 

Logic Monitor

A SaaS-based unified observability, LogicMonitor is also an IT operations data collaboration platform. Let us not be intimidated by all this tech jargon. They are a dog-friendly workplace, which is all that matters. It lets its employees bring their furry friends to work in a hybrid and flexible work setup.

LogicMonitor has earned several awards, which include Best Usability, Best Results, and Momentum Leader for 2023 from Gartner Peer Insights. It was rated "Excellent" and an "Editor's Choice" by PC Mag.

9. Luxury Presence
Luxury Presence

Marketing, real estate, and software company Luxury Presence is another dog-friendly workplace located in the heart of downtown Austin. As its name suggests, it provides service to luxury real estate agents and businesses. Launched in 2016, its clientele includes some of the top 100 WSJ agents in the US. 

Luxury Presence also provides a wide array of marketing services such as SEO, content marketing, branding and design, and many more. Its pet-friendly workspace is a delight to its fur-loving employees, who also enjoy health and dental insurance, performance bonuses, generous leaves, and more.

10. Navan 


Keeping over 3,000 employees can be difficult, but Navan does it effortlessly with plenty of benefits and perks. This fintech company is a financial one-stop-shop that provides solutions for travel expenses. Its software lets users easily book, view, and manage their business travel and expenses.

Navan has a pet-friendly work environment, a commendable work culture, and plenty of benefits, such as dental, health, and pet insurance, to name only a few. To top it all off is the opportunity to work with your dog beside you.

11. Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ooni Pizza

Designing, manufacturing, and marketing pizza ovens all over the world, Ooni Pizza Ovens is a global company that has a dog-friendly workplace. It takes pride in its 300-plus-strong multi-national team that designs, sells, brands, and markets alongside its pets in its east side of Austin location. 

Ooni Pizza Ovens has a hybrid work setup where its employees come to work at least two days per week. While in the office, they enjoy the company of their beloved pets while partaking in the free snacks and drinks provided to them.

Wrapping Up

Based on this list of dog-friendly workplaces in Austin, it seems that residents there are enjoying more than what the "Live Music Capital of the World" has to offer. Working alongside your dogs provides many benefits, and it's heartwarming that many businesses are now embracing this.

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