Bark-tastic Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Boston

Bark-tastic Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Boston

A city known for its contemporary culture, baked beans, and vibrant music scene, Boston thrives as a top travel destination and economic hub. It is also gaining popularity for its many dog-friendly workplaces, spurring job hunts and relocations. If you're looking to work with your doggo in tow, here are the best pet-friendly offices in Boston:

1. Zogics


 When you look at the About Page of Zogic's website, you'll find a page called "The Dogs Of Zogics." The health and fitness supplier has this and more to show their love for these furry creatures. Its office has acres of green space for doggy walks and playtime. It provides employees with lots of benefits and perks, which include doggy daycare, a lifetime supply of pet shampoo, and doggy massages.

2. Piaggio Fast Forward


A robotics startup that loves dogs? That's Piaggio Fast Forward, a company dedicated to creating mobility solutions for people and goods. It aims to help people move better for a more enjoyable life. In the same way, it makes working enjoyable for its employees by letting them bring pets to work.

3. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor

One of the world's largest travel sites, TripAdvisor also has one of Boston's dog-friendliest workplaces. The company even has an annual dog calendar featuring its office dogs. The office provides a doggy day care and designated spaces for them to relax or play in.

4. Harpoon Brewery


With its headquarters in Boston's Seaport District, Harpoon Brewery started hosting its "Dogtoberfest" in 2018. It featured a fun run, costume contests, on-site MSPCA meet and greet, and Harpoon beers for the hoomans. The company encourages employees' dogs to lounge in their offices every day.

5. Athena Health 

Athena Health

Caring for the health and wellness of its clients, Athena Health extends its nurturing efforts to its employees. This is why they created a dog-friendly workplace for them with plenty of perks and benefits. Some of these include a stipend for their pets' health insurance, annual financial support for pet care, and free treats and snacks in the office.

6. LeanIX, Inc.


A software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, LeanIX, Inc. develops cloud platforms for enterprise architecture. To simplify, they are the "Google Maps of IT." It may be complicated, but its dog-friendliness is what makes it stand out in any fur parents’ book. The company works on a hybrid work setup, and when it's your turn to go into the office, you can bring Fido with you.

7. Chewy 


A pet supplies company, Chewy is known for its solid commitment to all pet lovers. It lets employees bring their doggos to work and gives them perks such as extra paid time off when they adopt a pet. Employees also get "Paw-ternity leaves," discounts, pet insurance, and many other wonderful benefits.

8. 829 Studios 

829 Studios

Marketing agency 829 Studios understands that bringing pets to work provides many benefits to its employees. It loves dogs so much that its conference rooms are named after its employees' dogs, with their pictures featured on its walls. The company hosts Halloween every year with costume contests that dogs can join in.

9. LogicMonitor 

logic monitor

Another SaaS-based platform, LogicMonitor provides services geared toward IT operations and data collaboration. Its more than a thousand employees work from its offices in the Financial District of downtown Boston. They enjoy a number of benefits and perks such as child care and parental leaves, performance bonuses, and pet insurance.

10. PartySlate

Party Slate

Event planner PartySlate creates one-of-a-kind experiences for its clients. It curates unique events from birthdays and weddings to baby showers and corporate affairs. Going to the office is always fun and exciting for its employees as they enjoy a pet-friendly atmosphere, with free snacks, happy hours, and outings galore for humans and their four-legged furiends.

11. Qualtrics


Web-based survey tool Qualtrics helps its clients create surveys, collect responses, generate reports, and provide many other related services. The company empowers its employees to give their best work by giving them a hybrid and pet-friendly workplace. Among the many perks and benefits employees receive are leaves, family events, performance bonuses, insurance, and a dog-friendly work environment.

12. Click Therapeutics

Click Therapy

Biotechnology company Click Therapeutics creates software for prescription medical treatments. Every week, they require employees to work in the office for three days. What makes it enjoyable is the opportunity to bring with them their dogs. It provides them with health, dental, disability, and of course, pet insurance.

13. Leyton


Consultancy firm Leyton takes care of its more than 2,200 employees by creating a good balance in their work and personal lives. One of the most vital of these is the ability to bring pets into the office. It is located in the heart of Downtown Crossing, with a hybrid workplace and flexible time.

14. NuvoAir

Nuvo Air

Heart and lung care company NuvoAir has offices in Stockholm and Boston's Financial District. This virtual respiratory care platform has its team working mostly online but gets together in December for face-to-face bonding that includes their pets. To provide the best service to its clients, the company ensures to provide an excellent work-life balance to its employees, thus the pet-friendly workplace.

15. TravelPerk

travel perk

A scaling unicorn with over $1.3 billion valuation, TravelPerk is a certified dog lover. On its website, it says "Keeping everyone happy" which is why the travel company allows dogs inside its offices. It has been named the fastest-growing SaaS startup in the world by SaaS1000. It was also featured by Forbes and Wired as one of the hottest startups. 

16. Paddle


Building payment infrastructure for its clients, Paddle helps companies grow through its varied products and services, most notably, its Profitwell app. Employees can choose where to work in the company's hybrid work setup, but offers a pet-friendly workplace in its office in the heart of downtown Boston. 

17. Smartsheet


Taking care of thousands of employees is a huge endeavor, and Smartsheet is good at it. Its office located in Boston's Leather District is open to people bringing their pets to work. The company is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that helps its clients with planning, tracking, and many other business processes.

Wrapping Up

Looking at this list of dog-friendly workplaces in Boston, you’ll know instantly that opportunities for pet lovers are abundant in this amazing city. And the wonderful attractions make working and moving there a total pleasure.

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