Canine Cubicles: Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Chicago

Canine Cubicles: Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Chicago

If you're planning a trip to Chicago, you'll never run out of things to do, see, and experience. With great music, excellent food, and awe-inspiring sights, the Windy City has it all. Now, if you're thinking of relocating, there are plenty of dog-friendly workplaces you can consider. They are the following:

1. Wyzant 


Education technology company Wyzant offers tutoring services from Chemistry and Calculus to Photoshop and JavaScript. They provide a live online tutoring platform that offers over 12 million lessons to more than 3 million students. Their employees get 50% off on all the lessons, plus free coffee, yoga, and a dog-friendly environment.



One of the world's largest manufacturers of bicycle components, SRAM, LLC is based in Chicago's hip corporate and entertainment region, the West Loop. Its employees enjoy a hybrid workplace, a combination of remote and on-site work. One of the perks of working in the office is the ability to bring your pets to work.

3. Fusion92 


A full-service marketing agency founded in 1999, Fusion92 helps businesses with different types of marketing: internet, email, PPC, SEO, mobile, social media, and more. The company's more than 260 employees include strategists, designers, data scientists, Web3 experts, and many others. They enjoy many benefits and perks, such as parental and medical leave, health insurance, and a pet-friendly workplace.

4. Nerdery


A digital business consultancy, Nerdery has a dedicated Slack channel just for their employees who are also fur parents. It is a dog-friendly workplace because the company believes dogs are excellent stress relievers. It also considers pets a major component of a calm and productive work environment. The Nerdery encourages pups to the office, so much so that they bring a groomer twice a month to keep all the doggos looking dapper.

5. Google Inc.


Tech giant Google, Inc. is one of the top companies many people want to work for. Who wouldn't want to if the employees get free haircuts, breakfasts, massages, and a dog-friendly workplace. It houses a dog-themed cafe and includes dogs in the company's official Code of Conduct.

6. Kimpton


A pet-friendly chain of hotels, Kimpton's Monaco Hotel in Chicago takes in not only dogs but welcomes any pet that fits through its doors. The company's motto is "Kimpton Invites You to Bring Your Furry Friend.” Kimpton offers insurance, treats, water bowls, toys, and bereavement leave if needed.

7. Braze 


Customer engagement platform Braze has five placements in Builtin's Best Places to Work Awards. It is certified as a Great Place to Work in the UK's 2023 Best Workplaces for Wellbeing, ranked #5 on Fortune's 2022 Best Workplaces for Millenials in the US, among its many other awards and recognition. Its hybrid work setup allows its employees to bring dogs into the office, the main reason for all these awards, in our opinion.

8. The Onion

The Onion

An online publication that publishes a satirical outlook on world news, The Onion has a laid-back, calm, and creative work environment. This makes them one of the dog-friendliest workplaces in Chicago. It believes that dogs are the main component of a relaxed work culture and inspiration for its employees. It also acknowledges the fact that playing with your dogs can spark creativity that they can publish on its website.

9. Upside 


A cash-back app, Upside lets users earn cash rewards on their purchases at participating businesses in the US. This dog-friendly company partners with more than 50,000 grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, and many others. The company has a hybrid work setup, and those who come into the office enjoy the privilege of bringing their dogs with them.

10. Sittercity


Caring for children is Sittercity's main business concern, so it's no surprise that it wants its employees to care for their pets, too. Pet Care is listed as one of the company's offerings and encourages its staff to "Bring yours to the office—at Sittercity, we love fur babies, too!" The company understands that people work better when they balance work and personal life well. This is why it provides open PTO, weekly lunch and learns, snacks, and other activities.

11. IMC Trading

IMC Trading

Fintech company IMC Trading is one of the world's leading market makers, trading on over 80 exchanges worldwide. Founded in Amsterdam in 1989, it is now located in the Loop area of Chicago. It is one of the first companies to value the importance of technology and innovation in the field of trading. This innovative spirit is what made them provide a dog-friendly workplace to its employees.

12. RedShelf


Another edtech company, RedShelf, buys and sells books with nearly a million digital titles. They love having dogs working with them so much that the company has designated a space on its rooftop for pups wanting to take a break from all the toiling and grinding. Its employees receive many perks and benefits, such as pet insurance and others.

13. Arrive Logistics


Based in Austin, Texas, but with offices in Chicago, Arrive Logistics is one of the country's largest freight brokerage companies. In its first year, the company reached $30 million in truckload sales, and in 2022, it received more than $2.35 billion in revenue. This success allows Arrive Logistics to provide its employees with plenty of perks and benefits, which include performance bonuses, pet insurance, and a pet-friendly environment.

14. Threadless


Tee shop Threadless ranks high in the "coolness meter," but more so when you discover its love for our furry puppy friends. According to a company team leader, company morale is at an all-time high whenever a dog is in the office. This e-commerce website is also home to an online community of artists that celebrate diversity, including pets.

Wrapping Up

Chicago is known for its jaw-dropping architecture, deep-dish pizza, vibrant music landscape, and, now, dog-friendly workplaces. The city is alive, exciting, and inspiring, making you want to pack your bags and immerse yourself in all its excellent glory.

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