Dog-Friendly Workplaces: Philadelphia's Coolest Canine Offices

Dog-Friendly Workplaces: Philadelphia's Coolest Canine Offices

Cheesesteaks, art, and the birthplace of the United States of America. There is a long list of things that the historic city is known for, but being one with plenty of dog-friendly workspaces is gaining traction. The following companies are proof:

1. Sparks

One of the few dog-friendly workplaces in Philadelphia that made it to Rover's Best Dog-Friendly Companies, Sparks is an experiential marketing company. With more than 750 employees, it provides event experiences to big-named brands, such as Google, T-Mobile, Salesforce, Jo Malone, and Figma Config. 


Sparks was founded in 1919 and has offices in many major US cities. It specializes in trade show exhibits, media and thought leader events, digital engagements, brand activations, and sponsorships.

2. Fetch Pet Insurance

Formerly known as Petplan, Fetch has been touted as America's top pet insurance company. It provides pet insurance for cats and dogs, covering injuries and illnesses in the US and Canada. This includes emergency vet visits, prescriptions, virtual, in-home, and office visits, hospital stays, and many others.


This dog-friendly company’s Fetch Health Forecast leverages the power of AI and data from clinical findings to predict your dog's future health with an 85% confidence level.

3. From the Future

Ranking #21 on Rover's list of dog-friendly workplaces, From the Future is a digital marketing agency. It offers strategy services, including SEO, social media promotion, and industry-leading UX design, to name just a few. The company employs a team of world-class strategists with a deep passion for what they do and, obviously, dogs.

From the Future

This small team of 30 full-time strategists isn't afraid to take on large-scale acquisition campaigns. They take pride in this as they get to know their clients on a more intimate level.

4. Radial

Deserving its place on CBS News' Dog-Friendliest Work Places In Philadelphia, Radial lets its employees bring their dogs to many areas of their headquarters. It is a B2C e-commerce fulfillment solution provider that has over 5,000 employees on its roster. Radial manages e-commerce services for various sporting, beauty, and consumer electronics companies. 


Previously known as Global Sports Interactive, the company initially serviced companies in the sporting industry. Today, it has progressed to work with clients from a wide array of niches.

5. Industrious 

Co-working space Industrious sits in downtown Philadelphia, the city's hub of education, commerce, and culture. It offers a professional atmosphere and carefully designed workspaces that have become the co-working company of choice for many startups and Fortune 500s. 


Industrious has offices in three different locations in Philadelphia: Fashion District, Avenue of the Arts, and Two Liberty Place. Its offices have designated areas where the employees can let their dogs roam free and play.

6. Arden Theatre Company

A professional theatre company located in Philly's Old City, Arden Theatre Company welcomes dogs to all its departments. It has produced more than 90 professional productions since its founding in 1988. Aside from its shows, the company has an educational program for underserved young people, teens, and pre-K-12 students.

Arden Theater Company

Philadelphia is a cultural city, and the Arden is a staple in its vibrant theatre. It is dedicated to presenting a wide selection of plays that focus on diversity, which includes classic works and contemporary pieces.

7. Neff 

A digital marketing agency, Neff specializes in providing creative services such as broadcast, print, website design, public relations, and many more. It has clients in different industries, which include hospitality, retail, real estate, and tourism. The company has a dog-friendly work policy and a schedule for a 'bring your dog to work day' once a month.


This may be the reason for the company’s success and growth. It has multiple awards under its belt, among them two w3 Awards in 2020. It was also featured in the Top 500 of Clutch’s Global 1000 List. Its other awards include those from Hermes Creative Awards, Ace Awards, Bulldog Awards, and many more.

8. Hyperion Bank

Actively joining Pet Sitters International and the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society since 2006, Hyperion Bank observes National Take Your Dog to Work Day. This proves that the company loves dogs, thus, the dog-friendly workplace. Aside from this, they also have raised thousands of dollars to help PAWS, one of the most significant rescue operations the world over. It is also the only no-kill shelter in the city.

Hyperion Bank

One of Hyperion Bank's most noteworthy accomplishments is its strong support to the community they serve. They helped a number of businesses to make the region rank 14th on the 2012 list of the "20 Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods" in America.

9. Urban Outfitters

Another noteworthy dog-friendly workplace is the Urban Outfitters' headquarters in Philadelphia. Most branches even have on-site dog parks. Even in its store, dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed. The global retail company is famous for its trend-setting clothes and eclectic lifestyle influence. 

Urban Outfitters

Because of this, the company has gained a reputation for being pet-friendly. It adds a unique element to its work culture, giving it an atmosphere of a relaxed and enjoyable environment both for its employees and customers.

10. WeWork 

Another dog-friendly co-working space is WeWork. It offers pet-friendly spaces with meeting rooms, bike storage, event spaces, and a wellness room in most of its locations. It provides private offices for teams of all sizes and dedicated desks bookable by the hour. Whether you’re a freelancer or work for a large company, this company can cater to your needs.

We Work

The company offers co-working memberships with hot desks, lounges, phone booths, and many more amenities. It has a pet-friendly policy as part of its efforts to craft a more enjoyable work environment. This is a valid confirmation of the positive impact pets bring to workers' well-being and morale. 

Wrapping Up

More and more companies are embracing pet-friendly policies because of its many benefits. This list of the top dog-friendly workplaces in Philadelphia is a testament to the inclusivity that we furparents look for in many businesses. Hopefully, more companies join in and allow dogs and other pets to come to the office with their hoomans.

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