Transform Your Home With These Pet-Friendly Decorating Tips

Transform Your Home With These Pet-Friendly Decorating Tips

We all know that comfort and style can definitely go together when decorating our homes. The bigger challenge is when we incorporate our furry friends into the equation. It needs a certain compromise between stylish and safe as we know some aspects of our home decor can be hazardous for them.

Below are some pet-friendly decorating tips to help balance beauty and safety in our homes.

Choose Your Flooring Materials Carefully

dog laying on floor

Ceramic tiles and non-porous hard surface flooring is the best option for a pet-friendly home. Not only are they easier to clean than carpets and rugs, but they can also prevent your pets' nails from getting snagged. In addition, these types of floorings can also be more durable and long-lasting.

Carpets and rugs are not the best options for floors as they can harbor germs, bacteria, pet fur, and dander, which can be harmful to you and your pets. Flooring materials you can easily wipe down will save you time and effort.

Secure Your Breakables

cat sitting in bowl on shelf

A crucial pet-friendly decorating tip that can save your furry friend's life is to secure the breakables in your home. You should secure pottery, glassware, china, and other fragile items if you don't want to place them in storage. Use adhesives or double-sided tapes to stick them in place.

Additionally, securing these items will keep them intact. We know that some cats love to knock things down, or there's this dog that gets a little over-excited with the zoomies. Know that there is a way to keep our furry friends and valuables safe and in one piece.

Use Pet-Safe Upholstery

dog sitting on couch

To make your home pet-friendly, especially if you have cats and dogs, make sure that your furniture uses fabrics that are safe for them. Select those with tighter weaving, dark colors, and are machine washable. Doing so will help make pet fur less noticeable and can be easily tossed in the washer for regular washing.

You may want to avoid silks, knits, tweed, corduroy, and similar materials, as these are apparent pet hair magnets. You can opt for leather/pleather, canvas, microfiber, or denim. These can be resistant to staining, odors, and muddy paws.

Use Non-Toxic Wall Paints

colorful paint on wall

You may not be aware of it, but there are wall paints that are pet-friendly. This is the perfect choice if you want your home to be a haven for your furbabies. Most paints are toxic and contain chemicals that release heavy fumes, especially when newly painted.

These fumes can cause serious harm when your pets inhale them. Pet-safe paints are those that are labeled the following:

  • Non-toxic
  • Water-based
  • Petrochemical-free
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) or VOC-free
  • Carcinogen-free

On the other hand, you may also want to use washable paints. This can help you clean your walls easily and quickly after a thorough shaking from a dog that just went through mud and dirty water. This can help you maintain a clean house free from germs and bacteria.

Hide Your Electricals

hiding electrical outlet

There will always be that dog who loves to chew things. Even if we train them not to do it, it's still a reasonable safety precaution to hide all electrical wires and cords. Keeping them out of your pets' reach is an excellent way to pet-proof your home.

You may want to buy cable boxes to store your electrical wires and get them neatly organized. You can also install hooks that will keep electrical wires from hanging and falling to the ground. 

Allocate a Safe Space for Your Pets

dog behind gate

Responsible pet ownership means giving your pets a safe place to call their own. You need to put up pet blockades in your home. This will keep them from going into places that can be dangerous or cause accidents.

You might want to install barriers to keep them from entering a child's room or a gate that keeps them off the road. You would also want to install barriers that will keep the dangers from the outside coming in. You wouldn't want wild animals to get to your cats or birds.

Look Out for Hidden Chemicals in Your Homes

cleaning products flay lay

We may not always be aware of it, but harmful chemicals and other health hazards are in our homes. They can pose dangers to ourselves and our pets, so be sure to identify and avoid them. Lawn fertilizers, insecticides, household cleaners, and de-icing salts are a few examples.

To make your home pet-friendly, avoid using these and, instead, opt for alternatives. These include natural cleaning products, plant-based litter, diatomaceous earth, and many others. 

Use Decorative Storage for Your Pets' Toys

storage for pets

Get storage for your pets' toys that add style and beauty to your home. This pet-friendly decorating tip will keep their belongings clean and organized. In addition, this is the best way to prevent dirty toys from stinking up the house until you get the time to wash them.

This will also prevent you or your pets from tripping on scattered toys. Also, having them all in one place will ensure that you can find them anytime you need to. We don't want them misplacing that favorite stuffed bunny, do we?

Maintain a Clean Home

cleaning home

One of the best ways to decorate a pet-friendly home is by keeping it spotless. Pets get dirty and smelly, and keeping your house clean and always smelling fresh is the key to a comfortable home. You must also give your pets regular baths, fur brushing, and nail trimmings to maintain your house's overall cleanliness.

A clean and safe home prevents you and your pets from picking up viruses or parasites that can make them sick. Remember that cleaning your pets and homes is easier than having someone get ill and require medication.

Wrapping Up

Designing a comfortable and stylish house doesn't have to be complicated. These pet-friendly decorating tips will help you achieve a home that's perfect for you and your pets. You won't have to sacrifice beauty and safety to live in harmony with your beloved furry pals.

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