Easy Pet-Friendly Home Hacks You Haven't Tried

Easy Pet-Friendly Home Hacks You Haven't Tried

To many of us who treat our pets as family, it comes naturally to design our homes with them in mind. And doing this can be so much fun and challenging. Here are a few easy and simple steps to help you make a pet-friendly home.

Match Room Colors with Pet Fur

dog laying on couch

Beautify any room by using matching colors with your pet's fur. You can paint the floor the same gray as your cat's fur. Or choose a fabric cover for your sofa that is the same shade as your dog's fur. You can go wild and copy your parakeet's colors and use them on tablecloths, curtains, or even wall paints.

Get Pet-Friendly Decor

custom pet portrait single line art

If you're fond of trinkets and fragile decor items, make sure that you arrange them on wall-mounted shelves and place them higher. This way, they won't get knocked down easily whenever there are zoomies ongoing. You can also choose stylish pet beds or crates made from wicker instead of metal.

Another excellent idea for decorating your home is getting your pet's portrait done. This adds beauty to a wall without you having to worry about it being knocked down by your naughty cat.

Get Rid of Clutter

dog in a messy room

We all know that most cats and dogs are active, especially young ones. Make room in your home for those sudden bursts of energy by eliminating clutter. Make sure to keep breakable items such as showpieces, glassware, or vases out of your pets' reach.

You may also want to rewire your electricals and keep them hidden. Not only will this look organized, it will be safer for your furry friends.

Use Washable Fabrics

woman and dog next to washing machine

Whether it's your sofa or bed, you need to have them covered with washable materials. Accidents typically happen when you have active pets. They can bring in dirt or barf or leave excess fur on your fabrics. 

You may want to use cotton fabric for easier cleaning and quick drying. Choose colors and patterns that can temporarily hide stains and fur until the next washing. Also, ensure that the material you choose won't snag their toenails, which can hurt them.

Vacuum Regularly

Part of being a furparent is taking fur off your clothes, furniture, bedding, almost everything. Hairballs are common, so you will need to vacuum regularly and most often. Do this, especially when your dog is shedding (or when bird feathers are scattered here and there).

Pet hair has a smell as it contains oil that can stick to fabrics. To prolong the lemon scent of your bed and sofa covers, vacuum at least twice a week, more if you have multiple pets.

Choose Pet-Friendly Upholstery

cat on couch

Every cat parent can tell you that these cute creatures are equipped with murder mittens. These weapons of destruction can rip open your upholstery as quickly as you can say, "My cat is adorbs." This is why faux leather is the best choice for your pet-friendly home.

Microfiber and microsuede are also excellent choices for upholstery fabric, as they are unappealing to cats. They are difficult to scratch and are often stain-resistant. They are also easy to clean and more durable.

Designate a Pet Zone

dog in tent

Create an exclusive pet zone in a small section of your home. This is where you'll feed them or place their beds. You can also set a storage for their toys and treats for quick access. This will help minimize their mess and give them a safe and comfortable place of their own.

Avoid Carpet

As much as you can, avoid using carpet in your home where your pets roam free. This is because carpet and rugs absorb odors and trap dander and fur. You want to prevent them from becoming breeding grounds for bacteria, which can be unhealthy for both you and your pets.

Instead, go for tile, marble, or laminated wooden floors. These are easier to clean and maintain. They can also prevent pet toenail snags, which we want to avoid as much as possible.

Use Stain-Resistant Flooring

As mentioned above, skip the carpeting and opt for flooring materials that are pet-friendly. You can choose from vinyl or laminate and certain types of tiles. These options are resistant to stains and will only require a mop or broom to clean and maintain.

Groom Pets More Often

grooming small dog

Regular grooming and bathing of your dogs and cats is key to a pet-friendly home. Trim their nails to avoid them scratching your floors and fabrics. Brushing can minimize shedding, so do it more often.

Remember that cleaning your pets is way easier than washing your upholstery and bedding. Aside from this, it is more enjoyable for you both.

Buy Pet-Safe Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can harm you and your pets. Choose those that are labeled non-toxic and pet-safe

Decorate with Pet-Friendly Plants

If you love having indoor plants as part of your home decor, make sure they are safe for your pets. Some plants can be harmful to them, especially if ingested.

A Few Cleaning Tips for Your Pet-Friendly Home

A clean home is a pet-friendly home. Here are a few cleaning tips that can be beneficial to your pets:

  • Use lint rollers and pet hair removers: this keeps fur from furniture, clothing, and bedding
  • Place mats under their food and water bowls: to catch spills and and prevent water damage to your floors
  • Use pet-proof trashcans: to deter pets from rummaging through trash
  • Consider an air purifier: to remove allergens and improve air quality inside your home
  • Use flea and tick prevention methods: to prevent infestations
  • Pet-proof your garden: remove toxic plants and other debris that can be harmful to pets
  • Visit your vet regularly: keep them healthy and happy with regular vet checkups.

Wrapping Up

A pet-friendly home is one that strikes a beautiful balance between a clean and safe environment for your pet and a comfortable space for you and your family. These helpful tips will ensure you and your pets live and thrive in loving harmony.

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