Barking 9 to 5: Portland's Top Dog-Friendly Workplaces

Barking 9 to 5: Portland's Top Dog-Friendly Workplaces

If you want to immerse in a unique culture, taste delectable cuisine, and bask in beautiful sceneries, Portland is the place for you. What makes this city all the more desirable is the multitude of dog-friendly workplaces you can work at. Check out this list we made that will make you want to pack your bags and bring your dog to Portland this instant!

1. Lyft


A popular ride-sharing service, Lyft has one of its offices located in Portland, Oregon. It is a certified dog-friendly workplace that offers many other perks and benefits. This company promotes transportation equity by offering shared rides, bike share systems, electric scooters, and other public transit partnerships. 

Among its other benefits include paid leaves, performance bonuses, life, vision, and dental insurance, and many others. Employees also enjoy paid holidays and sick days, job training and conferences, and in the office, they get free snacks and drinks, company-sponsored outings, and commuter benefits, among others.

2. Axiom Custom Products 


A full-service design studio, Axiom Custom Products offers a wide array of services which include project management, engineering, 2D and 3D design, CNC machining, wood and metal fabrication, and many others. They have around 59 employees working from their office in Riverside Way, and they enjoy a dog-friendly work environment.

This company has a collaborative and supportive environment for its dedicated team of thinkers and builders. The company culture is casual and focused on their employees' well-being, prioritizing happiness and motivation, and thriving in a fast-paced and dynamic work setting.

3. CorVel Corporation


A leading provider of risk and healthcare management solutions to employers, CorVel Corporation has headquarters in Irvine, California, but has an office in Portland. And, yes, it is pet-friendly. It is a publicly traded company with annual revenues that exceed $595 million in the fiscal year of 2019.

The company takes pride in the continued growth of its customer base proving its financial stability. This is what powers it to invest in new technologies that help them deliver prime solutions to the marketplace. This company has a relaxed and casual work atmosphere that its more than 3,500 employees enjoy.

4. Fish Marketing

Fish marketing

Known as a company that has a dog-loving culture, Fish Marketing is a full-service marketing and advertising agency. If you look at its About page, you'll find the dog, Roxy Parr, VP of Squeaky Toy Destruction, listed among its primary team members. There's also Milo Tait, the company's BARKeting Coordinator/Security. Let's not forget about Cosmo, the PAWject Manager. 

A quick peek at its Facebook page and you'll find that these and many more dogs take center stage.

5. Wieden+Kennedy

Weiden and Kennedy

A global advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy has a relaxed pet policy for well-trained dogs. It has offices in Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, London, and many more. Their works include Nike's Dream Crazy, P&G's Love Over Bias, Old Spice's Smell Like A Man, Man campaigns, and many more.

W+K's has been featured on several websites, such as Business Insider, The Londog, and The Wall Street Journal. The digital marketing agency also has a blog page dedicated to its doggos. 

6. Wildfang

Wild Fang

Selling gender-neutral and sustainable clothing, Wildfang has dog-friendly offices in Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon. The company takes pride in its green and sustainable practices and as of August 2022, Wildfang is Climate Neutral Certified! It is ISO14001 certified, meeting the standards set for energy and water conservation and wastewater management.

The company is also active in supporting multiple causes, raising over $300,000 and having given back more than a million dollars for these causes. The brand image puts emphasis on inclusivity and community, which extends to its canine companions.

7. Hopworks Urban Brewery


Another Portland company that cares about the planet, Hopworks Urban Brewery, crafts its beer using sustainable business practices. And it seems they're on the right track as they have won several awards, such as the 2014 Bike Friendly Business, 2011 Best New Exhibitor, Good Food Awards, and Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon from 2013 to 2018.

Although dogs are not allowed inside the brewery, for health and safety reasons, its customers can bring their well-behaved and leashed dogs onto the patio. 

8. Moda Health

Moda Health

A healthcare company, Moda Health understands the benefits of having your pets around while you work. They have a pet-friendly policy that lets their employees bring their well-behaved dogs to the office on certain days only. Serving their customers since 1955, they provide evidence-based health plans, diverse provider networks, and many other services.

Moda Health gives its employees a reduced monthly rate for public transportation for certain work locations. They do this to help those who commute to work with their dogs by public transport.

9. Airbnb


An online marketplace, Airbnb connects people with properties to rent with those who are looking for accommodations. It has headquarters in San Francisco, California but has an engineering center in Portland. There are about 200 people working in this dog-friendly workplace. It has a "Wooftop Park," an outdoor space designated for its employees and their doggos. 

Airbnb has cultivated a company culture that welcomes well-behaved furry companions to almost all of its global offices. Most of these have dog zones with grassy areas, agility equipment, and plenty of spots that are perfect for sniffing and mingling with other office dogs.

10. Industrious


One of the highest-rated workspaces in the industry, Industrious is a dog-friendly workplace. This hospitality and co-working incubator finds sustainable workspace options for companies of all sizes. It was recognized as one of America's 500 fastest-growing companies in 2020 by Inc. Magazine. It has offices in 36 locations across the nation, one of which is in Portland, Oregon.

Industrious employees receive a multitude of perks and benefits, including the option to bring in their pets to work. Alongside this, they get dental, disability, and health insurance. They enjoy wellness programs, performance bonuses, and many others.

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