Cat Thanksgiving Dinner: What's Safe and Unsafe for Your Feasting Felines

Cat Thanksgiving Dinner: What's Safe and Unsafe for Your Feasting Felines

Thanksgiving is almost here, and there's no one better to share it with than your beloved furry friend, your cat. When preparing your feast, be sure to include them in your plans. Here is a list of cat Thanksgiving dinner options that are safe for them to eat and a list of those to avoid:

Thanksgiving Foods Your Cat CAN Eat

The following is a list of cat Thanksgiving dinner foods that are safe for your cats to eat:


When carving the star of your Thanksgiving dinner, find a piece of meat on a part that's well-cooked and unseasoned. This will be the best and safest chunk you can give your kitty. Cats are meat eaters and will enjoy this immensely, just make sure to give only a tiny amount. Also, avoid giving them the skin and make sure that there are no bones.


Cooked salmon is generally safe for your furbabies when given in moderation. Make sure to take out the bones before offering it to them. Also, try to give them a piece that has the least amount of seasonings, as these are harmful to them. Salmon skin is safe, but only if your cat has no dietary restrictions. Otherwise, it is high in fat and can pose health risks to them.


Chicken is packed with protein and many other nutrients which are beneficial to your cat. It's okay to give them this as a treat this holiday, but make sure that it is unseasoned. Additionally, avoid giving them the skin which is high in fat.


cat sitting by pumpkins

Full of nutrients and fiber, pumpkin is also a good cat Thanksgiving dinner treat. However, make sure that it doesn't have spices or seasonings. If you're having pumpkin pie, it's recommended that you cut a few chunks to boil for your cats instead. Make sure that they don't ingest any of the seeds, stems, or leaves, as these can choke them.


cranberries on stove

Plain cranberries are safe for your cats. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber. On the other hand, cranberry sauces and juices are not. Due to its high sugar content, avoid giving these to them. Although the fruit is not something cats will ask for, it's best that you know this in case they get curious about eating them.


Boiled and unseasoned broccoli is safe to feed your cat. They are high in fiber, which can be good for your kitty's digestion. It also has a high water content to keep them hydrated. As with any other food, you should give your cat broccoli in small amounts only.


Small amounts of cheese aren't bad for your cats. They are high in fat, which can cause pancreatitis, among other health problems. But, since it is a holiday, it's okay to give them a small taste every now and then.



Another popular addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table is ham. Your cats would want some, as they smell and taste delish! Again, a tiny amount would be safe for them so they won't feel left out. Remember that ham has a high sodium content and fat, so keep this at a minimum.


Baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes are good Thanksgiving treats for your kitties. When preparing them, save a small amount without the spices, seasonings, and butter. Avoid your cats from getting raw potatoes, as these are toxic and can cause problems with their stomachs. Alternatively, sweet potatoes that are unseasoned are safe for cats.


A commonly used spice on Thanksgiving, sage is safe for cats. If you give them turkey with a sprinkling of sage on it, it's perfectly fine and won't hurt them.

Green Beans

We know some dogs that love to crunch on green beans, but not cats. If they do happen to be curious about these vegetables, it's best to give them steamed without spices or butter. On the other hand, green bean casserole is off-limits to your furry babies. 

Whipped Cream

whipped cream

Most cats are lactose intolerant, but a small dollop of whipped cream is safe for them. If their digestive system can handle it, it's okay to give them some this Thanksgiving.


If you have been owned by cats for quite some time, you'd know cats love corn. Boil some for them, but make sure you don't use salt or butter to make it safe.


Breads such as dinner rolls are safe for your cats. While they don't provide any nutritional value, cats will enjoy them. Ensure that they are baked thoroughly.

Thanksgiving Food Your Cat CANNOT Eat

Below are the food on Thanksgiving you should avoid giving to your kitties:


thanksgiving stuffing

Stuffing contains onion, garlic, sausages, seasonings, and other ingredients that are bad for your cats. Avoid giving them this, even if they demand it.

Grapes and Raisin

Grapes and their dried-up counterparts, raisins, are bad for your cats. They are toxic to them, so make sure that they don't get even a tiny bit within their reach.

Onions and Garlic


Onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, and shallots are a no-no for cats and dogs. They contain chemicals that can destroy their red blood cells and cause anemia. 


Nutmeg and any type of food with it are toxic to cats and can cause them to vomit. It can also cause other serious food poisoning symptoms, so ensure they don't ingest it. In case of an emergency, contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center phone number: (888) 426-4435


According to the North American Mycological Association, 99% of wild mushrooms are toxic to pets. This is why you should avoid giving them to your cats in any shape or form.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned above, many of the foods listed above are safe to feed your cats, but only in moderation. Take note of those that aren't safe, even if given in tiny amounts, and keep them away from them. Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays, and these cat Thanksgiving dinner lists are a must to make it a memorable one.

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