Fishtails Animal Rescue Partners with Char and Whiskers to Support Adoptable Philly Cats

Fishtails Animal Rescue Partners with Char and Whiskers to Support Adoptable Philly Cats

Fishtails’ rescue and rehoming efforts reach all across the Tri-State area impacting the lives of thousands of animals.

Fishtails Animal Rescue’s Mission: “To create a safe space dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and shelter animals in our community. At Fishtails, we truly believe that every animal deserves a fighting chance – especially elderly, sick, or otherwise “unadoptable” animals that would typically be overlooked.

Hundreds of new animals are placed in shelters every day and hundreds more are time stamped to be euthanized. Those animals were deemed unsavable due to medical conditions, overpopulation in shelters, or an inability to receive care for financial reasons. Through donations, fosters, and life saving medical care, Fishtails Animal Rescue can save the unsavable, giving animals the fighting chance they need to live the lives they deserve. 

Char and Whiskers is partnered with Fishtails Animal Rescue through our ongoing pet drive that supports local animal rescue organizations and their rescue efforts. 

Here's more about Fishtails Animal Rescue, the amazing work they do, and how you can support them too. 

What They Do

Based in Philadelphia, Fishtails Animal Rescue was founded in 2017 by Dr. Lauren Cohn who noticed that the space for sick and stray animals was severely limited. With so many animals needing a space committed to their rescue and rehabilitation, Dr. Cohn knew she had to do something and so, Fishtails Animal Rescue was created. 

Brown Tabby Cat In Cone

Fishtails takes in animals from local high-volume shelters and from other animal organizations who are unable to provide the animals with the care they need, giving them a chance when no one else could. After receiving their needed medical care, Fishtail connects with a foster to temporarily take in the animal and give them a taste of the comfortable life and loving home they are destined to end up with. The final step for the animals that cross paths with Fishtails is adoption into the purrfect family. 

Fosters Save Lives 

Fishtails Animals Rescue, like many other rescue organizations, rely heavily on fosters to take in animals and give them a safe place to stay before the next step in their lives, adoption. When shelters and rescues are full, fostering animals helps to free up space for the next animal in need of medical attention. In addition to providing a temporary home to the animals, fosters help stray animals with socialization and getting used to life in a home before going to their forever home. 

Instagram post saying "Fosters needed" with pictures of two cats

Interested in housing a temporary companion or know someone who does? Apply to be a Fishtails Animal Rescue foster to save a life. 

The Adoption Process 

The thorough adoption process at Fishtails Animal Rescue ensures that the pet you take home is perfect for you and that you are perfect for the pet. Fishtails accepts adoption applications from the Tri-State area and helps you set up in-person or virtual meetings with your potential pet to see if you are a match.

As a foster-based animal rescue, all pets are ready to be taken home after the adoption process is complete. Fishtails adoptable animals are up to date with vaccinations, microchipped, spayed/neutered (if age appropriate), and given flea/ heartworm medications. 

Can’t adopt but want to help?  

Fishtails is always in need of pet food and supplies so check out their Amazon wishlist and their Chewy wishlist! Or help them spread the word about the adoptable animals. Share their posts on social media or let your family or friends who might be able to help know about the countless foster and adoption opportunities at Fishtails Animal Rescue. 

website images of adoptable cats

Visit their website to see all of the adoptable pets currently at Fishtails.


Even when Fishtails is on an animal intake hold, they may kindly take in animals who desperately need care. The surprise medical procedures on top of the regular procedures add up to quite a large sum of money for the organization. Fortunately, they can continue their rescue and rehabilitation efforts thanks to the donations of animal lovers in support of Fishtails Animal Rescue. The Fishtails Fighting Chance Fund was created to fund the medical care of animals who need it and for the pet owners who can’t afford it. With the fund, pet owners can avoid surrender or euthanasia as an option for their beloved pets. 

Donations come in all forms, animal rescue organizations and shelters are always in need of more pet food, toys, and supplies to keep their animals happy and healthy during their stay.  

We at Char and Whiskers started a pet donation bin in January 2023 after hearing that rescue animals in local animal shelters were in desperate need of canned wet food for their cats. We reached out to Fishtails Animal Rescue and they became our first partner and recipient of the proceeds from our first ever pet drive! Since then, we've also partnered with rescues like Philly PAWS, Philly Bully Team, and more.

Cat sitting in a bin

Stop by our pet donation bin located in the Bok Building using the Dudley St. entrance to help Char and Whiskers support the efforts of local animal organizations like Fishtails Animal Rescue. We are so proud to have already donated hundreds of pounds of food and pet supplies to local shelters with the help of the amazing pet loving community around us. 

Fishtails Animal Rescue started because people cared and it only continues because people still care. Their impact can be felt not only by the pets they saved, moments before euthanasia, but also by the owners who would never have met their pets if it wasn’t for the efforts of Fishtails. Support Fishtails Animal Rescue and help give animals the fighting chance they always deserved! 

Browse the Fishtails Animal Rescue website for adoptable animals, foster opportunities, and donation links for the Fishtails Fighting Chance Fund and wishlists.
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