Unleash Your Productivity at These Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Denver

Unleash Your Productivity at These Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Denver

Also known as the "Mile High City," Denver is 5,280 feet (1 mile) above sea level. But that's not all the city is worth relocating for. It is home to majestic mountains, a haven for beer lovers, and a buzzing cultural scene. And, of course, it has plenty of dog-friendly workplaces that let you work side-by-side with your furry pal. Check our list below:

1. SimplePractice


A health tech and software company, SimplePractice takes pride in caring for its employees who care for its customers. And so it provides them with many perks and benefits, including having the option to take your pets with you to work. It takes pride in helping over 100,000 health and wellness professionals grow and run their practices.

2. Workiva


A cloud-based platform that connects teams and processes to simplify work, Workiva is a pet-friendly workplace you may want to consider. Aside from this wonderful perk, the company provides employees with vacations, stock options, comprehensive health, dental, vision care, and pet insurance, among many others.

3. Sourced Group, An Amdocs Company


A global consulting firm, Sourced Group, An Amdocs Company, helps businesses make the most of cloud computing. It has its primary focus on governance, security, and compliance. It has offices across the globe, including Australia, Singapore, Canada, and Malaysia. This dog-friendly company loves its employees working with their pets, that it also includes pet insurance in the perks and benefits it provides.

4. Artifact Uprising

artifact uprising

An eCommerce company, Artifact Uprising creates premium quality, customizable photo products for photo gifts, books, calendars, and more. It loves its employees and takes good care of them, providing them with many perks and benefits such as parental leaves, performance bonuses, dental, health, and disability insurance, among others. For us fur parents, the best perk would be to allow us to bring our pets to work, and that's exactly what this company does.

5. Bitly


A link management platform, Bitly loves its dogs so much that it is "Take Your Dog to Work Day" every day in all three office locations. You'll find dog treats and water bowls throughout, plus they have designated "relief areas" for when nature calls. You'll also find dogs attending meetings, which is why this company has over 5.7 million monthly active users and 500,000+ customers globally, named as one of Inc.'s 2022 Best in Business List in the SaaS category, and many other accolades.

6. BWBacon Group


You’ll never doubt if BWBacon Group is a dog-friendly workplace: just take a look at this awesome blog post. Specializing in technical staffing, consulting, and recruiting, it connects businesses with top candidates for contractual and full-time work opportunities. This company has its focus on digital, web, data, and creative recruitment, mostly for startups.

7. TaskRay


An information tech, productivity, and sales software company, TaskRay is a work management solution specifically for Salesforce-native projects. Working for this company is rewarding with the many perks and benefits it offers. Among these are competitive salaries, bonuses, a flexible work schedule, health, dental, life, and disability insurance, plus a pet-friendly work environment.

8. AirDNA


One of the leading providers of data and analytics for the vacation rental industry, AirDNA monitors information on over 10 million Airbnb and Vrbo properties. Its services span more than 120,000 markets worldwide. Aside from being a dog-friendly workplace, it offers medical, dental, and vision plans, team outings, a 401K option, new MacBooks for new hires, 16 weeks of paid parental leave, and many others.

9. Documoto


Another software company based in Denver, Documoto, helps equipment manufacturers. their network, and equipment owners to “Keep the World’s Machines Working.” Its employees enjoy working in a hybrid setup with the option to bring their pets with them to the office. And since it is a dog-friendly company, it has a stocked kitchen filled with snacks and beverages for both furbabies and fur parents.

10. Crafted


Founded in 2018 and with only 18 or so employees on board, Crafted is a software development consultancy. Working for them gets you many perks and benefits, such as child care and parental leaves, a hybrid work model, performance bonuses, 401Ks, dental, health, vision, and life insurance. Office perks include company outings, a fitness stipend, free daily meals, and, of course, the option to bring your pets with you, to name just a few.

11. Poppulo


Formerly known as Four Winds Interactive, Poppulo is a company that provides a unified platform for managing and delivering an array of communications. Its services include digital signage, employee and customer communications. It promises a dynamic environment, support, recognition, and fun for its employees. This means the option to bring your pets to work, among many other perks and benefits.

12. Crusoe Energy Systems LLC


To keep around 300 employees productive and happy with their work, Crusoe Energy Systems LLC provides them with a multitude of perks and benefits. The best would be the freedom to bring your pets with you to work. The company is in the business of repurposing wasted natural gas to power clean cloud computing. It does this to reduce both emissions and energy costs. Other benefits from this company are health, dental, vision, disability, and pet insurance.

13. GoSpotCheck

go spot check

A mobile data collection company, GoSpotCheck is also a task management platform. It helps businesses with their field operations and gather real-time insights into their field teams. The industries this company caters to consist mostly of those in retail, manufacturing, construction, and hospitality. It is truly a dog-friendly workplace, being in 100th place in petsitting and dog walking website Rover's list of the most dog-friendly companies in the US.

14. Havenly


A platform that connects homeowners and renters with online designers, Havenly is also on Rover's list of the best dog-friendly US companies. It has over 100,000 completed design projects for homes across the nation. Employees enjoy a variety of benefits such as health, vision, dental and disability insurance, 401k, professional development benefits, and office perks such as free snacks and drinks, company-sponsored happy hours and outings, and many more.
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