Fetch Your Dream Job: The Best Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Northern California Revealed

Fetch Your Dream Job: The Best Dog-Friendly Workplaces in Northern California Revealed

Become a weekend warrior with your dog, go to Yosemite National Park, or ride the Golden Gate Bridge on a bike with them. Continue the fun during the week at one of the many dog-friendly workplaces Northern California has to offer! 

1. Twitch


The live streaming entertainment website, Twitch has seen its popularity grow to soaring heights and shows no signs of slowing down. It hosts global communities of gaming, music, sports, cooking, and many others. It is a place to share content, chat, interact, and make entertainment together.

Twitch's headquarters in San Francisco has a hybrid work environment and allows pets to come to work with their parents. They are given their own employee badges and pet insurance. This company is known for its love for animals as they regularly partner with zoos, aquariums, and non-profits to raise awareness for animal causes.

2. Clari


An AI-powered revenue operations platform, Clari is a pet-friendly company situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, a block away from the Caltrain station. It consistently ranks number 1 on G2, a peer-to-peer review website, among its many other awards. It provides a platform to help businesses increase win rates, shorten sales cycles, and improve forecast accuracy.

Clari employees enjoy many perks and benefits, the most important of these is the chance to go to work with your dog in tow. Its pet-friendly workplace, performance bonuses, and life, health, and pet insurance make this an excellent company to work for in Northern California.

3. Lob


A software that automates direct mail and address validation, Lob offers various services such as creation, printing, postage, delivery, sustainability, analytics, and more. It helps increase a business's direct mail campaign from remarketing to upselling through its hyper-personalized and optimized direct mail features. 

The majority of Lob's employees work remotely, but for those who choose to go to the office, they can bring their dogs with them. While the company loves all other pets, they have opened their office doors to dogs.

4. Petco


A pet company founded in 1965, Petco originally started as a mail-order veterinary supply in California. It has since grown to become one of the country's top pet food and supplies chains. It offers a wide selection of products and services, including biscuits, treats, toys, apparel, veterinary checkups, grooming services, and many others. As of 2023, Petco Health And Wellness has a net worth of $1.22 billion.

And as it is a company for pets, it's no surprise that it allows its employees to bring their pets to work. They even get pet time off, a pet stipend, and time off for bereavement should a pet die

5. Zynga


A social media game developer, Zynga focuses on mobile and social networking platforms. Founded in 2001 and with headquarters in San Mateo, California, it offers a wide range of mobile games, the most popular of which include Backgammon Plus, FarmVille 3, Booray Plus, Star Wars: Hunters, and more. In the first quarter of 2022, this gaming company reported 209 million monthly active users.

Its San Francisco office is open to dogs and other pets, including cats, ferrets, bunnies, and lizards. It has a dog park on its rooftop, "barking lots" throughout the office, and complimentary dog treats. Its dog-friendly policy has earned Zynga the 2018 DOG Award from Dogs at Work, an advocacy group promoting dogs' benefits in the workplace.

6. Invitae


A medical genetics company, Invitae, provides genetic testing services to help improve healthcare decisions and medical research for billions of people. The company has helped improve care for thousands of patients by reducing the cost of reliable, comprehensive, and actionable testing. Its office is located in the heart of San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood.

Invitae believes that caring for its employees is the key to its continued success, granting them plenty of benefits and perks. This includes leaves, financial and retirement benefits, health, dental, disability, and pet insurance.

7. Clif Bar & Company


With headquarters in Emeryville, California, Clif Bar & Company has warmly welcomed dogs since its operations in 1992. It is a family and employee-owned company that manufactures nutritional snacks and drinks. Some of their products include energy and protein bars, organic snacks, sports drinks, candies, and many others.

Clif Bar & Company's spacious office has a large off-leash area for employees' dogs to play in. 

They are given a pet insurance discount, which is done under the supervision of the company's Chief Dog Officer, Gus. This hardworking pup also spreads love by giving unlimited time off to volunteer for animal causes.

8. RingCentral

Ring Central

A cloud-based business communications and collaboration platform, RingCentral has a dog-friendly workplace located in Belmont, CA. It provides phone, video calls, conferencing, messaging, and more communications solutions. This company considers its employees their number one asset, thus doing everything in its power to make them happy.

One is through perks and benefits such as a pet-friendly workplace, generous leaves, medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance.

9. Asana


A software company with offices in San Francisco, CA, Asana is a cloud-based task management tool that allows effortless team collaboration. It helps businesses work together anywhere and anytime. It empowers them through valuable features such as project creation, task assignment, deadline setting, reporting tools, and many more.

Asana employees work in a hybrid work setup, with three days of the week spent in the office. What makes this exciting is the ability to bring pets into the office. This company loves its pets so much that it has a large selection of dog emojis. Users can also show photos of dogs on their Asana screen using the shortcut TAB+V. 

10. Grossman's Sticker Factory

Grossman's Sticker Factory

A dog-friendly company, Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Factory produces stickers and other creative products. It has been crafting its wares and loving dogs since it opened in the Bay Area in 1979. Its employees have been bringing their puppers into the office since 1980. 

This was when founder Andrea Grossman started taking her Irish wolfhound to the office. To be fair to her staff, she also invited their dogs into the workplace. She also built outdoor kennels specifically for this purpose.

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