New York City's Top Dog-Friendly Workplaces

New York City's Top Dog-Friendly Workplaces

New York City, aptly nicknamed the city that never sleeps, is brimming with energy and life. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that they welcome their tail-wagging furriends to work. This list of dog-friendly workplaces will show you how the Big Apple does it.

1. SelfMade

Self made

Marketing agency SelfMade helps businesses build solid brands and improve their marketing strategies. This company loves its dogs, providing several perks to employees who bring them to work. Some of these include stipends for pet care when employees travel, paid time off for pet bereavement, and for adopting a new pet. 

SelfMade employees enjoy a fun and playful work culture primarily because of the company's pet-friendly work policy.

2. Avenue One

Avenue one

A "prop-tech scaleup," Avenue One is a real estate and fintech company that provides a marketplace and service platform for institutional buyers, sellers, and residential homeowners. It offers its employees plenty of perks and benefits, which include generous parental leaves, life insurance, and a pet-friendly work atmosphere.

3. Retool


A development platform to help businesses build internal software, Retool may sound all technical, but the company has a soft spot for dogs. It has collaborated with big-name brands such as Amazon, Peloton, DoorDash, and Brex. Its employees work in a hybrid environment with two days to work from home. The remaining three are spent inside their offices with their dogs in tow.

4. Trustpilot

Trust pilot

A digital ratings platform, Trustpilot lets customers review a business to help others gauge its reputation. For businesses, these reviews are an excellent way for them to know how consumers perceive their companies. Its employees enjoy a hybrid work setup, which includes bringing their pets to work. Aside from health and dental insurance for hoomans, they provide pet insurance, too.

5. Miro


A visual collaboration workspace, Miro calls itself an online whiteboard. But, according to its website, it's more than that. The company provides a space for global companies to brainstorm, design, and meet. It has over 50 million users and 1,800 employees bringing their pets to work.

They are required to come to work for two days a week, and to make it enjoyable, Miro created a dog-friendly atmosphere for them. This, alongside the many perks and benefits the company provides.


incident io

A dog-friendly office, flexible working hours, and many other perks and benefits, incident management tool, is an excellent company to work for in New York City. It is a Slack-integrated application that helps businesses manage and resolve incidents in one channel. 

With, your business can collaborate, communicate, and learn from incidents. It is trusted by top companies, such as Etsy and Skyscanner.

7. Big Spaceship

big spaceship

A digital marketing and advertising agency, Big Spaceship develops marketing and e-commerce concepts for many top brands in its NYC and Seattle offices. Its clientele includes Starbucks, Evolve, JetBlue, NFL, and others. The company takes pride in its dedicated Slack channel for its office pups, sharing their pictures on it or their appearances in Zoom meetings.

In addition, Big Spaceship's employees enjoy free treats while at the office, partial coverage of pet health insurance, and invitations to dog-friendly company events.

8. CreatorIQ

creator iq

Helping brands with their influencer campaigns since 2014, CreatorIQ is a cloud-based marketing platform. It is also a dog-friendly company with offices in NY's Financial District. It has worked with top brands Disney, H&M, Red Bull, Estee Lauder, and Google, to name a few. 

CreatorIQ provides many benefits for its team members, including health insurance for them and their pets. 

9. Bombora


A leading provider of internet data for B2B companies, Bombora helps them market their brands through data collected directly from over 5,000 businesses with consent. Its office is located on Madison Avenue, touted as the heart of New York. 

Bombora provides its employees benefits and perks, including health and dental insurance, performance bonuses, parental leaves, and a pet-friendly work environment.

10. Pinwheel 


With around 90 employees enjoying a dog-friendly workplace, Pinwheel makes coming to work in its Flatiron District office a delightful experience. This payroll connectivity API company is trusted by many big-name brands such as Visa, Findigs, Perpay, Cash App, and many more. Its employees work in a hybrid work setup and receive financial and retirement benefits, as well as health and dental insurance.

11. Healthee


Offering health and wellness services, Healthee empowers employees to live their best lives. This may be one of the main reasons they have a pet-friendly workspace in their office. The company is a digital platform that uses AI to help employees understand health insurance, find lower-cost providers, and give information on preventive care benefits. 

Healthee has a hybrid workplace policy that requires employees to work in the office an average of 2.5 days per week. They enjoy competitive salaries, receive company ownership, and many other policies to include an excellent work-life balance.

12. Kinship


When a company specializes in pet-centric services, it's automatic that they have a dog-friendly workplace. This is what Kinship, the pet company, is all about. It is a collection of brands that aim to improve the world for pets and their hoomans. 

The company is certified pet-friendly, with designated spaces for pets, free treats, and events open to fur parents and fur babies. Kinship provides PTOs for new pet parents and pet bereavement.


A leading name in SaaS digital advertising, helps its clients create better marketing strategies. It uses AI to help brands reach a wider audience across a variety of platforms, among many other solutions. It has worked with top brands like Walmart, Warner Bros., Nestle, Discovery, and L'Oreal.

Its employees, called Smartlies, enjoy the benefits of working on-site and from home—also, the opportunity to work with their doggos beside them in the office.

Wrapping Up

Dog-friendly workplaces in New York seem to be the norm, and finding work for pet lovers in this glorious city can be easy. This list is solid proof of that. So pack your bags, get Fido in that carrier, and start your Big Apple journey.

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