Pet Decor Ideas: How to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro

Pet Decor Ideas: How to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro

Picture this: an old, ragged box where your cat lives is smack in the middle of your living room. Or that chewed-up stuffed toy staring at you from your sofa, smelling of dog breath. Certified pet parents know this fact: your furbabies are part of the family. Thus, they can wreak havoc in your homes when they want to. But fear not: you can still make your home beautiful with these pet decor ideas that'll make you look like a design pro!

1. Picture Perfect Wall Art

pet and parent portrait

Every pet owner we know (including us) has hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on our phones that feature them. Why not make them dominate our homes, too, by placing their photos on the walls? Pet portraits are popular pet decor because they always remind us of their presence (as if the fur on our clothes isn't enough!).

Immortalize your dog with a bandanna or your cat while clawing your furniture by taking a photo and framing it. A single-line custom pet portrait is also an excellent option, as it can capture your pet's essence in a simple yet impactful way. Ensure that you use good framing and placement to complement your walls perfectly.

2. Litter Box End Table

litter box end table

You don't have to resort to hiding your cat's litter box in the most remote area of your house. You can have it right in your living room with this beautiful litter box end table from New Age Pet. It blends well with furniture as it offers many stylishly elegant options. 

3. Built-In Feeding Drawers

cats eating from feeding drawer

If you have more than one pet, these built-in feeding drawers from Rachel Cannon are a great pet decor idea. Not only will they keep the feeding bowls organized, but you can easily slide them in until the next meal. This will help your kitchen (or wherever the furbabies dine) look neat and clean. You can also use this idea to hide their toys and other belongings.

4. Get Matching Pet Furniture

dog sitting on couch

Ditch that pet bed that doesn't go with anything in your home. Old and drab-colored pet beds can be eyesores and ruin your home design aesthetics. Get something fancier that will look like they're part of the overall style of your home design. This stylish dog bed from The Posh Puppy Boutique is an excellent example of a pet bed that doubles as home decor.

5. Washable Pet Bed Covers

pet bed covers

Speaking of pet beds and matching furniture, this pet decor idea is simple and inexpensive. Get washable covers for your furry pals' beds and match them with whatever your furniture is wearing. Doing this enables you to regularly clean their surfaces while keeping in style with your home's design. These pet bed covers from Annie Selke offer many design possibilities.

6. Welcome Mats

dog welcome mat

Welcome everyone into your home with a mat that introduces them to your beloved furry friends. This welcome mat from Pawfect House can be customized to include your pets' faces and names on them. This is the perfect way to show your guests how much you adore the animals of the house. It can also serve as a warning if you have pets that are naughty and bound to get into zoomies when there are guests.

7. Accentuate with Toy Storage

home decor containers

When there are pets in the home, there's sure to be a clutter of toys scattered around. After playtime, make sure that you keep their toys organized in their own storage. Get containers that have the oomph to blend beautifully well with your home design, such as these from Connected Goods.

8. Pet Teepee

pet teepee

With the variety of pet accessories and furniture in the market today, you're sure to find something for your pets that will match your home decor. You can get a tent for your pets that offers a comfy place for them to hang out while blending with your style. These teepees from Mini Camp are a great way to give your pets a hideout that looks cute and stylish.

9. Add Color to a Mantel

colored dog portrait

If the shelf above your fireplace is empty, give it a splash of color with a customized color sketch-style portrait of your pet. Any bare shelf or wall can become an area that reminds you of the special bond you with your furry babies have each time you pass it by. These works of art are made with love, care, and archival ink that is sure to last a lifetime.

10. Utilize the Space Under the Stairs

under stair storage

Don't let the space under your stairs go to waste by building your pet a home nestled within. Add some squishy and comfy bed and pillow, their favorite toys, and lots of love to make them sleep tight every night. The example below from Decor Pad will surely get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to get some for your pets.

11. DIY Pet Name Sign

DIY dog name sign

Unleash your artistic side by crafting this DIY pet name sign that you can hang up where everyone can see it. This will let them know about your beloved furry friend and how special they are in your home. The example below uses materials you can find in your home, which makes it cheap and easy to make. You can follow the instructions listed by The Hound Hugger in this article

12. Treats and Leash Station

treats and leash holder

Craft this leash and treats station for your dogs (works with cats, too!) and add them to a wall in your home. Use complementing materials and designs to match your home style and make it look like a vital part of the wall. This example from Must Have Mom shows you how you can do it. Tweak the materials, add your pet's name, and enjoy crafting!

Wrapping Up

Whether you're buying or DIYing, it's always a fun and exciting experience to decorate your home with your pets in mind. These pet decor ideas will inspire you to incorporate your pets into your interior design. This way, you can cement your special relationship with them as they become one with your home.

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