Proving the Bullies Wrong | Philly Bully Team

Proving the Bullies Wrong | Philly Bully Team

“With the support of so many, we hope to set a fine example, and maintain higher standards of excellence in the dog rescue community.” - Philly Bully Team

Pit bulls and other bully breeds are some of the most common breeds of dogs that end up at animal shelters. It doesn’t help that they are constantly being misrepresented by the media as an “aggressive and unsafe” dog breed. Philly Bully Team is committed to stand by these historically misunderstood dogs until the forever home they always deserved is found for each and every one of them. 

The presence of Philly Bully Team has grown over the years to touch the lives of hundreds of Philadelphia bully breed dogs. Their impact on the dog rescue community is made possible by the adopters, fosters, volunteers and donors who support the organization and carry out Philly Bully Team’s mission of “maintaining higher standards of excellence within the dog rescue community”. Take one look at their Instagram, filled with the adorable faces of their adoptable dogs, and you will see that those pups deserve it all and more.  

Find out more about Philly Bully Team, their impact on Philadelphia’s pitbulls and bully breed dogs, and how you can help support their intensive efforts! 

Building the Team 

Jessica Graaf with a bully puppy

Photo Courtesy of The Chestnut Hill Local 

Jessica Mellen-Graaf and Marvin Graaf had over 10 years of experience in independent animal rescue prior to the start of Philly Bully Team. The couple was the hotline for their family and friends whenever a stray cat or puppy was found, so they decided to expand their efforts through Philly Bully Team and place a focus on the rescue of pitbulls and other bully breeds in the greater Philadelphia area. Philly Bully Team is a 501c(3) foster-based bully breed rescue. 

Why Bullies?

Open in-take animal shelters are almost always at full capacity and unfortunately, the facilities need to be relieved of the capacity somehow. Everyday hundreds of animals are time stamped to be euthanized before they even get the chance to be treated for their medical needs. In some cases, time stamped dogs are completely healthy and ready to go to a forever home, they just need a chance. 

With bully breeds being the most common breed at these shelters, they are the ones that are most at risk for being euthanized. Their reputation for being an “aggressive” breed, in addition to the wrong people taking advantage of them, means there is a higher likelihood that they come into shelters with injuries due to abuse. Usually, immediate treatment is needed that cannot be covered by the average animal shelter. 

three pit bull dogs

Photo Courtesy of Philly Bully Team

Philly Bully Team gives these deserving dogs a chance, specializing in severe medical cases, death-row dogs, dogs saved from fighting rings, and bully breeds. These dogs would otherwise be lost to euthanasia for reasons such as their breed, condition, or even timing. The kind souls at Philly Bully Team see how insignificant those reasons are and know each life is worth saving, no matter the cost. 

Fosters Save Lives

“Fostering provides a safe and healthy environment for our dogs to grow. Fostered dogs are likely to be better sensitized to the world they’ll face when adopted” 

brown pit bull with green toy

Photo Courtesy of Philly Bully Team

Philly Bully Team is a foster-based rescue meaning they rely on the kind-hearted souls of foster to house their adoptable dogs until they meet the perfect family to go home to. Fosters also help relieve the capacity at Philly Bully Team so that the next dog can receive the care they need so fostering truly is an essential factor to keeping their rescue efforts up and running. Additionally, all expenses while fostering are covered by Philly Bully Team! 

Looking to become a Philly Bully Team foster? Apply to be a foster here!

Want to Adopt? 

Adopt, don't shop!

Countless dogs are waiting patiently to be taken to their forever home and Philly Bully Team’s cute adoptable bully breed pups are among those that are waiting. Give the breed a chance to prove critics wrong and show you how lovable, loyal, and sweet they can be. Philly Bully Team’s adoptable dogs range from being good with other dogs to being good with kids and they are fully committed to finding the perfect companion for you and for the dogs. 

Looking to adopt a lovely Philly Bully Team dog? Check out their current adoptable dogs

How to Donate

The next best thing you can do if you are unable to become a foster or adopt one of Philly Bully Team’s dogs is to help support the organization through donations. Taking on the most severe medical cases proves to be quite costly and with the rescue organization covering all the expenses incurred while fostering one of their dogs, they need all of the help and support of the dog loving community they can get.

help Philly Bully Team Dogs

Photo Courtesy of Philly Bully Team

Consider becoming a Philly Bully Team VIP by subscribing to their Patreon and gain access to exclusive content, Philly Bully Team merchandise, and even the chance to name their dogs! 

Char and Whiskers is always looking for ways to support the animal rescue community around us and we were inspired by Philly Bully Team’s commitment to the misunderstood and the forgotten. To help support their dog rescue efforts, we gathered donations from Philadelphia’s  animal loving community and donated dry food, toys, and supplies for the dogs in their care. 

Every month, we at Char and Whiskers reach out to a Philadelphia animal rescue or shelter and donate a month's worth of pet supplies to aid the organization in their rescue efforts.

Rescues we've supported include Philly PAWS, Fishtails Animal Rescue, Street Tails Animal Rescue, and more!

The donations are made possible by the animal loving community around us, so stop by our donation bin, located at the Bok Building Dudley St entrance, if you have any leftover food or under-used toys. We look for pet food (wet and dry), toys, leashes, and any other pet supplies that would make life at the shelter more comfortable.

Stay up to date with Philly Bully Team’s events, adoptable dogs, and fundraisers through their Instagram page and support their efforts to improve Philly’s dog rescue community.
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